Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Geekette's Shopping List

Christmas and New Year Holidays are over. I celebrate both holidays but don't like shopping for gifts. In the last two years I have done most of my shopping online. Not only is it convenient, easy and fun but it also presents an opportunity for me to learn about new web and mobile apps and features.

I like shopping on the most. It seems that each time I visit the site there is something new to play with - a new button, search options, promotions and specials. I love the 'Add to Wish List' button feature that can be used with any browser and allows to add items from any website to Amazon Wish List. Most of my US relatives and friends have wish lists so all I had to do was to check what's already been purchased --another great feature under 'Wish list' =>Show:Purchased--and add items to cart. 
Books, CDs, toys and clothes seem to be the most popular items. You can't beat free shipping for orders over $25. I bought Lego sets for my son, a Panasonic Lumix camera and CDs for my husband, and ended up getting Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!for myself! Whoa! NO CONTROLLER! I just hope I don't break an arm or a leg while jumping and hitting imaginary objects or dance battling. Kinect Adventures is a hoot and Dance Centralis a cool game. I hope future Kinect dance games include the following (or similar) song by Scooter and that the Melbourne Shuffle dance is offered. It's fun being a geekette and learning new things.

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