Friday, October 15, 2010

Puzzles & Teasers #1

I attended a Learning Tree course on 'Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving: Making Better Decisions' this week which was an eye opening experience and fun. I will try and blog about it later. In the meantime I would like to post a few brain teasers that the Course Instructor challenged us with every morning - some are easy and some were tough. Needless to say that many can be found if you Google them. Try them on your own first. 
1. Identify the next letter(s) in the sequence.
    M _ W _ _S_

    O T T F _ _ S E _ _

    T T _ F F _ S E _ _

2. Word addition - Identify the value of each letter (clues - O = 0, M = 1. There are no 3s and 4s)

3. Why is this word so unique? FACETIOUS

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