Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Through my Eyes

Thanksgiving has a special meaning for me. It is an acquired holiday that I have been celebrating since I came to the US - at first not comprehending what it really meant for many of my local friends even though I studied American history and Thanksgiving. As years have gone by I could not help but feel sentiment and gratitude on that wonderful holiday. I celebrate a 'harvest' of opportunities, dreams that came true, friends that I made in a foreign country that became my homeland. It has not been an easy path but I was well trained to endure the hardships in my native Siberia where I began testing my strengths and weaknesses, where I first realized that thinking outside the box and trying new things and dreaming may open new doors and present opportunities. You may be smacked around for being different at first but if you persevere and follow your dreams they do come true.
That's what happened the pilgrims who traveled to Massachusetts. They dreamed of the new world and new opportunities. They were saved from starvation by the Wampanoag Native Americans who helped them develop their land and fish. Not exactly in those words but it also happened to me. I have met some amazing people in the US who have helped me grow and accomplish things that I could never imagined possible.
I am deeply thankful for what I have in my life and soaking it in every day.

I will never forget where I started... I will pay it forward when I can.

On a lighter note my three dogs made their debut on the American Cutest Dog TV show on Animal Planet last week. They did not make it to the top 40 (who cares) but a 1-2 second snippet of the following video was aired on the show last Saturday. I was so thrilled! How did they end up on a treadmill you ask? I had to find a way to exercise them indoors since they're all allergic to grass and watching Caesar Millan's 'Dog Whisperer' show we starting testing the treadmill..and it worked! All three could run on the treadmill at the same time - heck of a boundary test! And they love it - check it out and Happy Thanksgiving!

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