Monday, June 24, 2013

A Road Trip and Using Mobile Apps

Memorial Day Weekend my family took a long road trip deep into Tennessee. As I was packing I contemplated which devices to take with me and what apps I should play with as a real user on the go in various locations, with different connectivity signals, trying edge use cases and checking for information and other data. 

In addition I wanted to use the time to catch up with my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, listen to downloaded tutorials, read books, and take care of banking and finance as well as do a little bit of online shopping. We drove so that left us passengers with a lot of free time where things got mundane and boring pretty quickly. On top of it I had to keep our chauffeur engaged and awake and our son occupied so he would not whine.

As we got into our first long stretch, I started using all kinds of mobile apps. Some I have been using on occasion, others have been either recommended or stumbled across during my daily technology news discoveries. 

We had 3 phones and an iPad at our disposal with a bunch of apps on all 4 devices.